e-Mission Control Launches “The Charge Cycle” Podcast Featuring Discussions with Clean Transportation Thinkers and Innovators

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CFP–e-Mission Control, a clean fuel program partner for zero-emission fleets, today released a new podcast “The Charge Cycle.” Available on all the major podcast platforms, the program will host clean energy experts and industry veterans to discuss factors driving the electrification transition. The program will cover topics like public funding opportunities, vehicle-readiness and cutting-edge OEM and EVSE technologies, infrastructure, regulatory updates, and more. It will also host discussions with the myriad of different fleet owners and operators in all different industries and verticals to get a true realistic perspective of the current state of affairs of electrification.

The Charge Cycle is hosted by e-Mission Control’s CEO Todd Trauman. For over a decade, Todd has worked with a wide variety of fleet operators, OEMs, and regulatory agencies at the local and federal level to advance the state of affairs of greenhouse gas reduction technologies in the transportation sector. He leverages specific experience in zero-emission technologies, alternative fuels, clean fuel program frameworks, onboard diagnostics systems, certification requirements, and much more.

“Our podcast is designed to help listeners stay ahead of the enormous electrification shift underway,” said Todd. “Our guests have a range of expertise and we are honored to have such a great line-up straight out of the gate.”

New episodes of The Charge Cycle will be released bi-monthly. Guests from the first four episodes include funding expert Matt Hart of Momentum speaking about public funding for electrification projects, veteran in the clean technology space, Chris White of Frontier Energy speaking about preparing your business for the electrification revolution, Fleet-as-a-Service (FaaS) pioneer Matt LeDucq of Forum Mobility speaking about FaaS as a Solution for California’s Advanced Clean Fleets Rule and Alex Vikartofsky of Advanced Technical Services (ATS) speaking about fast, reliable electric vehicle charger maintenance and repair.

“Any given entity needs to decide what’s their risk appetite,” said Matt Hart on funding. “Are they willing to be the first person to put this new forklift, or put this new gantry crane to work. Or do they want to wait until it’s a little more proven and they’re looking for some incentive programs that will buy down the costs. That will help dictate and focus what programs they should be evaluating.”

“I look at what systems need to be put into place, what behaviors need to change and how do we enable people to do things better, cheaper, or faster than what they’ve done before,” said Chris White, reflecting on fleet electrification.

“In 2021 we thought there was going to be a need, and we still think this, that there will be a big need for large third-party depots,” said Matt LeDucq of Forum Mobility. “The amount of charging infrastructure that needs to be managed and the amount of fleets that are going to need to be put into depots is just immense…And that’s where Forum Mobility was born.”

If you would like to be a podcast guest, contact us at colleen@e-missioncontrol.com.

About e-Mission Control

e-Mission Control is a SaaS company that designs, manages, and executes electricity consumption data platforms and services for forward-thinking on- and off-road vehicle fleet operators. With a specific focus on clean fuel programs in California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, e-Mission Control partners with owners and operators of zero-emission vehicles and equipment at airports, seaports, retailers, grocers, manufacturers, campuses, distribution facilities, municipalities, and many others along the West Coast and beyond. For more information, please visit www.e-missioncontrol.com.

You can also follow e-Mission Control on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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