Drive Thru Closed: Driver swerves to avoid collision, crashes through coffee shop

Halifax, Nova Scotia —  “C’mon, adjuster, you have to understand. I hadn’t had my morning coffee yet!”

It’s a hypothetical sentiment, but these were quite likely the words one Maritime driver uttered to their insurance adjuster after crashing into a Halifax coffee shop in late August.

Uncommon Grounds had an especially eager customer one Sunday morning in August when a driver crashed through the front doors. The collision happened around 8:20 a.m.

“It was like this crazy, crazy loud noise,” said Jakob Conrad, a barista at the cafe. “I don’t think anyone expected to see a car flying down our stairs.”

The SUV crashed through stairway railings and ended with its front end carefully positioned inside the stairwell leading to the cafe.

The two people in the car, a driver and passenger, were able to get out on their own and wait on the side of the road for police and paramedics, according to coffee shop staff.

The SUV was alleging swerving to avoid another car coming down the road. The perpetrating vehicle had stopped at the intersection’s stop sign, police say, but then drove through without yielding to the first car which had the right of way, said Chambers-Spriggs.

No one was injured and no structural damage is believed to have affected the building.




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