Domestic Drift: New Zealand man turns driveway into drift track

Hamilton, New Zealand — A drift racing enthusiast has gone viral for living by a very simple ethos—if you can’t find a racetrack close to home, bring the racetrack home.

Takeshi Teruya of Hamilton, New Zealand spent $10,500 converting his family’s driveway into a private drift course, as a way of battling boredom during the pandemic.

The 0.1 mile course has brought together Teruya’s neighbourhood in a way that would make North American many racing enthusiasts jealous, as can be seen in a montage video showing the track’s construction.

In an interview with the NZ Herald back in June 2020, Teruya said that the motivation behind building the track was “to do something fun for the kids.”

Given that zooming around one’s house in a sports car could be considered risky, to say the least, Teruya has been building mini drift karts that he and his kids can tear up the track in.

Teruya closes out the video saying, “Huge thanks to my friends, my neighbours and my wife for helping me with this project.”


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