Dent Fix announces partnership with Canadian company, SPS

Toronto, Ontario — August 8, 2019 — Dent Fix has just announced that they’re heading North after partnering with automotive aftermarket company, Speciality Product Sales (SPS).

SPS is a Canadian-based company has been operating for more than thirty years, working in several areas in the aftermarket industry throughout Canada. From the Atlantic to B.C. and everywhere in between, SPS is incredibly experienced in the Canadian industry and President and Owner, Larry Bergmann is thrilled to be partnering with US-based company Dent Fix.

“We are excited to take on this excellent line of equipment, tools, and accessories,” stated Bergmann. “Dent Fix is a perfect fit for our agency and we are excited about educating our customers in everything that Dent Fix has to offer to this industry.”

According to Dent Fix,  SPS was established in 1986, and “has been helping and supporting manufacturers and distribution ever since.”

The partnership between the two companies comes at no surprise. Dent Fix has been in the industry more than four decades and the company is dedicated to assisting repairers in the industry.

“Our products are designed to solve problems and help you complete your job more efficiently with a higher quality result,” stated Dent Fix. “Fourty years into it and we are still growing, still excited and just as proud to be a part of this industry.”

For more information on Dent Fix and the recent partnership visit

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