Cutting a Cheque: SGI invests $5.6 million into auto extrication training for fire departments

Regina, Saskatchewan — Saskatchewan Government Insurance is investing in the only kind of “chopping” that this publication will endorse—announcing that $5.6 million is on the way to local fire departments for new auto extrication equipment and training.

In its press release, SGI said the objectives behind the investment are to fund the delivery of training courses that allow volunteer firefighters to meet minimum standards for auto extrication, as well as the procurement of new tools and equipment that support the training.

“Advancements in vehicle technology have led to new materials and designs in modern automobiles,” said Minister of Crown Investments Corporation and government head of SGI Don Morgan.

“Volunteer firefighters are often the first to respond to collisions on highways and rural roads, and it is essential that volunteer fire departments are kept up-to-date with evolving tool developments and adaptations around new car designs.”

The fund will be managed and distributed by the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency (SPSA).

SGI says the SPSA will work with the Saskatchewan Volunteer Fire Fighters Association, the Saskatchewan Association of Fire Chiefs and other stakeholders to develop auto extrication training standards and establish a fair and equitable process for purchasing tools and equipment.


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