Culdesac Tempe Announces First-of-its-Kind Mobility Program to Make Car-Free Living a Reality

Residents of Culdesac Tempe will have access to a menu of transportation options through real estate developer’s mobility partnerships, including exclusive national rideshare, carshare, and scooter share partnerships.

TEMPE, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Culdesac is announcing a first-of-its-kind series of mobility partnerships to make car-free living convenient, affordable, and adaptable for every resident of Culdesac Tempe. The real estate technology company’s new mobility partners include Valley Metro, Bird, Envoy, and Lyft. Through these mobility partnerships and other benefits, Culdesac is excited to announce that all Founding Residents will get access to $3,000 a year in mobility benefits, unlocking an ecosystem of options for car-free living.

Culdesac, a 1,000-person development in Tempe, Arizona, is set to welcome its first residents in Summer 2022. It will have zero residential parking and no privately owned cars. Instead, residents will get around via rideshare, scooter share, light rail, carshare, and other transportation solutions.


On the rideshare front, Culdesac and Lyft are announcing an exclusive partnership to revolutionize the way that real estate developers work with rideshare companies. All Culdesac Tempe residents will receive a complimentary Lyft Pink membership, which offers 15% off all Lyft rides, relaxed cancellations, car rental upgrades, and priority airport pickups. Lyft pickup/dropoff locations will also be integrated around the community and on the Lyft app, ensuring seamless rideshare access. Lyft Regional Director Kaled Alhanafi commented, “Lyft is excited to partner with Culdesac to bring people an easy alternative to car ownership, with elevated benefits and on-demand rides through Lyft Pink. We are committed to providing environmentally friendly transportation options to residents in an effort to reduce congestion and emissions.”

Scooter share

Culdesac is also announcing partnerships with micromobility companies to bring the latest micro-transit technology to the site. Through an exclusive partnership with Bird, Culdesac Temple residents can enjoy discounted pricing and dedicated daily site-wide scooter deployment. This means that Culdesac Tempe residents will never be more than a one-minute walk away from a scooter. Together, Culdesac and Bird are working to redefine how micromobility can be integrated into the fabric of a real estate development from the ground up, from innovative scooter parking solutions to slow zones. Bird CEO Travis VanderZanden – “It is with this kind of revolutionary approach to living and transportation that we can really make waves in combating climate change and reducing our carbon emissions. Sustainable, eco-friendly mobility begins with a commitment to change and a vision to achieve meaningful, measurable results. Bird is proud to be a partner with Culdesac in this groundbreaking development and sees it as the first of many opportunities to introduce eco-friendly micromobility options to communities throughout the world, beginning in Tempe, AZ.”

Transit (light rail, streetcar, bus)

Given its location on the Smith-Martin/Apache Blvd light rail station, Valley Metro Rail plays an integral role in enabling travel for Culdesac’s residents throughout Tempe, Phoenix, and Mesa. Valley Metro and the City of Phoenix amended regional fare policy transforming how residents of Culdesac access the “Valley Metro Platinum Pass,” offering unlimited light rail, streetcar, and bus rides. This pass was previously only available to large employers and Culdesac Tempe will give all founding residents a complimentary Valley Metro Platinum Pass paid for by Culdesac. Culdesac CEO Ryan Johnson notes, “Transportation is a feedback loop. The more people use transit, the better the options become. That’s why transit is a core part of Culdesac’s approach to transportation, and why we’re excited to give every founding resident unlimited access to reliable, convenient public transportation.”


Culdesac and Envoy have announced a partnership to have an all-EV fleet of on-site dedicated cars available for Culdesac Tempe residents to book by the hour or by the day, with affordable rates starting as low as $5/hr. These cars give residents the flexibility to use the car they need when they need it, to run errands or enjoy a road trip. Envoy CEO Aric Ohana – “Electric vehicles and shared mobility will have an enormous impact on the way we build our cities in the future. We will see changes to building codes as impactful as what we saw from the shift from horse and buggy to the personal automobile. Culdesac exemplifies what can be done by combining mobility as a standard of living. Less parking, more living.”

All mobility options are open to the general public, making Culdesac Tempe a vital mobility hub for the surrounding neighborhood. Gretchen Reinhardt, member of the local Escalante Neighborhood Association Council, notes that, “So far, over the 26 years I’ve lived in the Escalante neighborhood, light rail is the single change that has had the biggest positive impact. Culdesac’s transportation hub initiatives hold similar neighborhood-wide transformative potential. I am thrilled about the proximity to a neighborhood with a forward-thinking mindset.”

Culdesac is redefining how real estate developers can offer transportation options to their residents. The mobility innovations of the last decade, including carshare, rideshare, and scooter share, are now fully integrated into the built environment and resident experience of Culdesac Tempe. Culdesac Tempe will be the best place to live car-free in the US.

About Culdesac

Culdesac is the world’s first post-car real estate developer, building and managing the first car-free neighborhood built from scratch in the US. Founded in 2018 by former Opendoor founding team member Ryan Johnson and economic development specialist Jeff Berens, Culdesac is backed by Khosla Ventures, Zigg Capital, Initialized Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Y Combinator. The company’s headquarters are in Tempe, AZ. For more information, visit culdesac.com.


Lava Sunder, Press@culdesac.com


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