The Glory of Gloria

If you’ve accompanied Gloria Mann at any industry event in years past, you’ll know she’s a popular lady.

“During my first in-person industry event in January 2019, Gloria, myself and our web designer Cassie were tasked with visiting each exhibitor booth in the spacious hall, conducting interviews with presenters, guests and anyone else we may encounter along the way,” said Allison Rogers, editor of Collision Repair magazine. “Everyone needed to say hi to Gloria. Not five steps could be made without hearing a warm ‘my favourite lady!’paired with a friendly face and arms spread wide.”

Since 2004, Gloria has been a driving force of Media Matters, serving as the company’s vice president of industry relations. Though, in her own words, Gloria’s work with the company for Collision Repair, Canadian Auto Recyclers, Bodyworx Professional and the rest of the Media Matters portfolio, is far more than “work.” These magazines are Gloria’s pride and joy. The relationships she’s built along the way are more akin to friendships than that of business associates.

Join Collision Repair magazine in congratulating Gloria Mann on her success with Media Matters—we could not have made it to 20 years without you! Cheers to the future—onward and upward!

“Gloria has been a fixture at auto recycling events across North America for years now, providing valuable coverage and insight into the industry and its participants. Bestowing the OARA President’s Award on her in 2015 shows what the association thinks of Gloria —she is the best, and now an honourary auto recycler.” — Steve Fletcher, managing director, Automotive Recyclers of Canada

“In my time with Media Matters and Collision Repair mag, the best part of my job was trekking around to different shops with Gloria Mann—a true force of nature. She always knew everyone’s birthdays, everyone’s kids’ names, what paint they used and how far along they were in upgrading their systems. She’s exclamatory.” — Joe Rayment, former editor at Media Matters


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