Craftsman Collision – Langley receives AutocheX award

Vancouver, British Columbia — May 15, 2104 — Craftsman Collision – Langley has been honoured as a recipient of the 2013 AutocheX Solution Premier Achiever Award. The awards are given by Mitchell, and recognize the top performing collision repair facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Located in Langley, B.C. , Craftsman Collision – Langley is one of 15 c.a.r. shop VALETs to receive the 2013 AutocheX Premier Achiever Award.  Please click here for a complete list.  
The 10,000 sq. ft. shop opened in 1994 and was the eighth location in the Craftsman Collision chain. Shop Manager Charlie Neuburger has lived in Langley for 25 years, and has worked for Craftsman since 2007.  The shop is a shining example of its dedicated employees; Ly Chan, Matt Gillam, Al Greenlay, Robert Maxwell, Grant Mitchell, Bradley Morris, Dayton Neuburger, Song Nguyen, Kevin McFarlen, Lorena Miranda and Charlie Neuburger.
The staff takes pride in their work, their company, and the community as a whole. Every year many of the staff throughout the company volunteer their time to participate in the “Make a Dent” campaign collecting food and cash donations for the Salvation Army-Family Services. Craftsman Collision then matches all donations dollar for dollar.  Since the inception of the “Make a Dent” campaign in 2009 the Langley shop has raised $26,750 for the local community and the company as a whole has raised over $148,000.
“To get 9s and 10s on ICBC’s survey, you really have to be there for the customer,” says Craftsman Collision’s manager Charlie Neuburger. “My method is simple: I treat people the way I want to be treated myself. If I go into an electronics store and see a TV that I like, I want to know all about it. Similarly, here at Craftsman, we go over the estimates and needed repairs line-by-line with our customers. Then we tell them when their car will be ready, and guarantee it will be ready by that time and date. We also explain the possibility of hidden damages. If we find any, we call to inform the customer about the extra work required and if there’s a change in the delivery date.”
“We treat everyone with the same level of respect – whether they’re driving a brand new Mercedes or a 1975 Civic. That Civic is that person’s Lamborghini,” Neuburger says. “It’s not easy getting an award like this when you’re as busy as we are. We repair about 80 or 90 cars a month, so keeping everyone happy is a challenge. And yet in all of last year, I had only one customer come back with a complaint. I think that’s a real tribute to our operational systems and to my wonderful staff.”
For more information on Craftsman Collision, please visit craftsmancollision.com

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