New Role: Jeff Peevy named VP Technical Products, Programs and Services for I-CAR

Toronto, Ontario — Jeff Peevy is returning to I-CAR as the vice president of technical products, programs and services at the end of this month. 

“Peevy will spearhead the strategic development and growth of all I-CAR curriculum and technical relations efforts while leveraging his more than 20 plus years of executive management experience in the industry,” I-CAR wrote in a news release.

Peevy has worked at the Automotive Management Institute since 2015, but prior to that he had spent 25 years working at I-CAR.

“I am thrilled to be returning to I-CAR during a time when its mission could not be more important to an industry I respect deeply, I-CAR has made significant important and beneficial progress over the past five years, and I’m both humbled and honored to return to work alongside the I-CAR family of professionals who share the same passion for doing the right thing, and that’s squarely fixing cars right. I can’t imagine a more important role that can truly strengthen and benefit our industry in the years to come,” said Peevy. 

I-CAR also said that they appreciate the strong working relationship with ASA and AMI, and will work with ASA to create an orderly transition. 


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