Winter may be here again, but this issue of Collision Repair magazine brings you some of this year’s hottest events. From the balmy tropics of Florida for Fix Network’s Global conference to the shining lakes in the Muskoka region for CSN’s “Unplugged” conference, Collision Repair is your chance to relive—or perhaps experience for the first time—the events away from the events while also gaining industry knowledge and know-how.


By Darryl Simmons
Publisher, Collision Repair Magazine


With a commitment to training and embracing safe repairs, Canada’s collision repair industry is poised for a great new year!

“Into the new year, the theme echoing through our industry
should be ‘a safe repair is the only repair.’”


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Sikkens Autowave

Sikkens Autowave® MM sets a new standard in waterborne basecoat performance with major advances in binder and pigment technology.It provides excellent coverage, metallic control and sprayability when duplicating OEM solid, metallic and pearl effect colors—with remarkable ease of use, first-time-right color reliability and reduced process time, Sikkens Autowave® MM is the right step in setting a solid foundation.

For more information on Sikkens products visit https://sikkensvr.com/us-en

Automatic, Inverter Resistance Spot Welders

The TECNA Automatic Smart Inverter Resistance Spot Welder Models 3664P and 3680 from Arslan Automotive can recognize types and thicknesses of metals and set all parameters automatically. The tool features a water-cooled transformer gun to help optimize your productivity and increase duty cycle. Plus, a support arm with balancer helps for safe and comfortable operation. A new touch screen with intuitive graphic design lets you choose between Automatic Smart+, Quick and Full modes, while an ergonomic, compact and stable cart allows for easy transportation throughout the facility. Also is, Wi-Fi, enabled for factory updates and diagnostics.

Edge™ Paint Booth

Masterfully designed with painters, shop owners and maintenance technicians in mind, the new Edge™ Paint Booth from Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) ensures premium contamination control; precise, adjustable lighting; and advanced controls for maximum productivity in a high-tech painting environment. Discover how to make your next refinish extraordinary, with industry-leading equipment that can improve the productivity—and competitive advantage—of any shop.

To learn more visit https://gfs.global/6tn

KECO GPR+ System with Mobile Cart

The GPR+ System is designed for shops and technicians currently utilizing the L2E GPR System. The GPR+ System adds on to your L2E to extend the repair system to correct damage further up the Repair Continuum. With the combination of glue tabs and push rods, technicians will be able to glue pull and push to paint with ease. This system is intended to complement glue pull repair and allow technicians to make more challenging repairs possible with the utmost efficiency.To learn more, visit www.kecotabs.com.

Hunter Engineering Collision Alignment System

Alignment and ADAS callibration collide through streamlined alignment measurements with the Hunter’s Collision Alignment System. Featuring collision blueprints, full diagnostic scans, ADAS callibration support and documented results, the Hunter’s Collision Alignment System automatically guides the technician through a workflow of five essential diagnostic measurements before work begins. These specific measurements eliminate extra days of cycle time when problems are discovered too late, such as a damaged subframe or lower control arms, shifted axles, or bent spindles. Use your existing frame or collision repair rack and save time and expenses by keeping all services in-house.


The Guniwheel weighs just 30 pounds and is able to fit into most four and five hole lug patterns—easily transported and used anywhere. With safety at the top of mind, the Guniwheel was designed to make moving vehicles off of lifts faster and safer. According to LKQ, the tire replacement can hold loads of up to 1290 pounds and can be safely driven up to 8km/h.Guniwheel LKQ CANADAlkqcanada.caThe Guniwheel Universal Tire and Wheel Mounting System from LKQCanada, described as working like a spare tire, is the first universal, vehicleand trailer mounting system. The Guniwheel weighs just 30 pounds andis able to fit into most four and five hole lug patterns—easily transportedand used anywhere. With safety at the top of mind, the Guniwheel wasdesigned to make moving vehicles off of lifts faster and safer. Accordingto LKQ, the tire replacement can hold loads of up to 1290 pounds andcan be safely driven up to 8km/h.

Spanesi®’s Q5.2 Inverter

Spanesi®’s Q5.2 is a multi-function inverter welding machine with 3 torches: steel, silicon bronze and aluminum. The Q5.2 uses a single-phase 208-220V power supply. Multi-function synergic power source, based on the leading edge IGBT inverter technology with full digital control, offering premium welding quality in both MIG/MAG and Pulsed/Dual-Pulsed MIG on all material, especially aluminum and galvanized steel.

SprayMax 25TH Anniversary ProductsAlignment

SprayMax is celebrating its 25TH Anniversary with a Limited Edition selection of popular aerosols. 3680600 1K UNI PRIME – High build primer suitable for sand-thru areas; 3680601 1K UNI ZINC – Superior corrosion protection primer; 3680602 1K UNI BLACK – satin gloss finish; 3680603 1K UNI CLEAR – Durable clear coat; 3680604 1K UNI BLEND – Blending solvent for seamless transitions. Excellent performance and value priced with 25% extra product in a 500ml can. For more information contact: order@Kwasny.us | 844.426.6330 or visit spraymax.com/en/25-years



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