The weather is hot and so are the industry trends in this new summer edition of Collision Repair Magazine! These summer months always seem to bring the Canadian collision repair community together, and this year was no different, as our team spent much of June and July bustling about at events hosted by the industry’s biggest players.

Speaking of players, former junior hockey player and current CSN Reliable manager, Curtus Larson adorns the front page of this new issue. For Curtus, being a part of a team is nothing new; leading a team and being responsible for its culture, however, proved to be a whole other challenge for Curtus.


By Darryl Simmons
Publisher, Collision Repair Magazine


There’s a lot of collaboration in the collision industry’s future

“The industry sees that collision centres are not just a cog in the
wheel, but the most important cog in the wheel.”


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KECO L2E Glue Pull Repair Collision System

KECO’s L2E is the most comprehensive glue pull repair system available to bodyshop technicians. This system includes the industry’s best lifting tools, a powerful KECO shop light, and GPR tool cart. This is the only option for those looking for a complete GPR solution to improve shop efficiency. Finish your repairs fast with minimal, if any, body filler. Tools are easily stored and organized on the cart while the TabPrints organizer keeps your tabs arranged and ready to pull. 

To learn more, visit www.kecotabs.com.

PPG MOONWALK™ Automated Mixing System

Designed for PPG ENVIROBASE® High Performance toners, the PPG MoonWalk mixing system virtually eliminates human error and waste when mixing a refinish color—while achieving unprecedented color accuracy. Operation is simple. Once the target color’s toners are loaded onto the dispensing rack, the system automatically dispenses each toner with an accuracy that PPG says is 10 times more precise than conventional mixing. Waste is further eliminated since the technology and packaging is configured to use all of each toner, down to the last drop.

To learn more, visit ca.moonwalkrefinish.com.

Spanesi®’s PULL UP! Repair System Line

Spanesi®’s PULL UP! Repair Systems offer the flexibility any collision repair facility needs to accomplish cosmetic and structural repairs. The PULL UP! incorporates various size suction cups and glue to restore the shape of damaged steel and aluminum panels. Repairs are performed using slide hammers or an optional electro-puller tool. The PULL UP! comes in Light, Standard, and Full packages. Each package is designed to meet the rigorous requirements of collision repair professionals.

For more product information visit www.spanesi-americas.com.

3M™ Performance Spray Gun

With material costs on the rise, it’s more important now than ever to have a spray gun that gives you all the performance you expect and helps you save. The 3M™Performance Spray Gun can help do just that. With the 3M™Performance Spray Gun, you can mix less paint while still getting the coverage you expect. It’s paint efficiency at its finest.Time to start spraying the smart way.

Visit 3M.ca/CollisionSprayGun to learn more.

Central Dust Extraction System

The Central Dust Extraction System from Eurovac is said to be ideal for keeping air quality high for up to eight users sanding at the same time. This system can be set up with a microswitch to start and stop while its pumps and separators are designed to run continuously with little maintenance required. The Central Dust Extraction System also comes with cartridge filters, automatic compressed air pulse jet cleaning and primary cyclonic separation with an induction motor of 20,000-hour rating. This system has 5HP, 10HP and 20HP, 220, 440 or 575-volt three-phase induction motors and regenerative blowers available. For more information please call at 800-265-3878 or email at info@eurovac.com.

LKQ Recycled OEM Engine

LineAt LKQ, our Original Equipment Manufactured Recycled Engines are drained of all fluids during the dismantling process, prepped, washed and visually inspected for damage. Our Recycled Engines come with a standard 6 Month Warranty or extend the warranty with an Optional Service Agreement.

For more information contact your local LKQ location, call 866-557-2677 or visit us at www.LKQCanada.ca/en/


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