CIIA and Ckure to collaborate on roadside assistance app

CIIA and Ckure have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to provide shops and motorists with an on-demand platform to facilitate towing and repairs.

Hamilton, Ontario — September 11, 2016 — Collision industry trade association CIIA has announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Ckure, an on-demand emergency roadside assistance app, to provide Ontario motorists with an application for use at accident scenes.

According to a release, the app is an on-demand platform that provides motorists with real-time, trusted and cost-effective help for any roadside incident. The goal is to alleviate the frustration, fear and anguish at an accident scene most motorists deal with. The release also says the app can protect the customer from unethical sales approaches at the accident scene and ensure their vehicle repair and tow will be handled legally, fairly and to the customer’s advantage. A single tap is that is needed to get connected with nearested service providers.

In the event of an accident, the app will guide the motorist through the next steps, like calling the police and/or ambulance, retrieving stored insurance information, showing how and what to collect as evidence at the scene, showing locations and connecting them with the nearest tow truck/accredited repair facility, initiating a rental car arrangement, etc.

The app also serves as a retention tool for repair shops. When a customer is involved in a collision, they simply press the button and the first shop showing up is the original shop that supplied them the app (or their preferred garage). It gives the shops a first chance to re-establish new work with a previously satisfied customer. The customer gets to deal with someone they know and have trusted in the past to help them.

The press release states that this new approach, where the customer needs are fulfilled by the collision repair shop, means that an agreement with qualified repair shops and how they operate with this program is critical. This program can only work effectively if there is a strong written agreement with the preferred collision repair facility. To be on the program the shop must:

– be within 15 minutes of a potential accident location. This range of dominant influence would dictate how many shops are accepted in each area. Even with that prerequisite, each area should have more than one shop to ensure backup in case of shop delay due to volume work.

– be able handle an accident call or app call within three to four minutes with a pre-arranged verbal presentation.

– handle tow truck calling, servicing, delivery and payment level as part of the shop contract.

– meet capacity of OEM standard repair as required, compliance requirements and equipment and training requirements in order to be approved.

– Ensure that the vehicle is repaired to OEM standard and that a error scan of the vehicle is included after the repair is concluded. Tow fees that the shop would pay and later bill to the insurance company must be reasonable and fair.

The Ckure app is already in use for mechanical breakdown, service and towing activity. A total of 10 collision repair facilities in the greater Toronto area will be welcomed for the first pilot program.

Collision repair facilities that are interested in the program and wish to become more involved are welcome to contact the association office at 866-309-4272 or via email to info@ciia.com.


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