Chargebacks No More: Guaranteed Text-To-Pay by Facepay Arrives in Auto Repair

Credit card chargebacks are increasing at an alarming rate; your auto repair shop up can solve this in minutes.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AutomotiveTrainingInstitute–Facepay announces Guaranteed Text-To-Pay to stop the hemorrhaging from credit card chargebacks. Service advisors send text or email to customers when the balance is due, tender payments and release vehicles with no worry. All Facepay payments are guaranteed, same day clearing and are at least 15% more profitable. Shops are up and running within minutes because the product works alongside what you currently use.


Someone in your Facebook shop group surely has had a chargeback and it could be you. Credit card processors are dropping important security features when they do Text-To-Pay, and that results in shops like yours losing disputes even with signed repair orders. Making matters worse, recorded phone lines prohibit taking credit card information over the phone.


You know with confidence that every payment made is paid. Balance due payments are sent by your service advisors our new minimalist interface that they willingly use. This simplicity is made possible by the shift by major tech companies, including Facepay, to a direct banking platform adopted by 65% of consumers. You are already using it with your own online banking.

Dr. Mark Hale, founder of Facepay, points out that credit card processors and management systems legacy platforms can benefit from this technology. Costly kickbacks to your software providers and processing fees are abandoned to more profitable transactions when customers pay you directly. This works with all systems using the modern “share” integration standard you are already using daily when sharing a Facebook or LinkedIn post on your cell phone. The new release is applicable to closed platforms in your shop that don’t let you customize customer communications.

Guaranteed Text-to-Pay is immediately available to all current customers on our Grow plan. For a demo, please visit www.facepay.io or call (800) 403-0221.

About Facepay

Facepay is more profitable payments. Facepay is a subscription service that increases profit lift for your auto shop by 15%. We reimagined payments as an integral part of your customer workflow. Facepay share technology works with all existing systems and includes popular features like guaranteed payments by text and email, same day clearing and subscriptions offerings.


Dr. Mark Hale

Facepay, Inc.

(800) 403-0221


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