Upping The Standards

Building the band at Dodge City BY TOM BISSONNETTE Initially, my role at Dodge City was twofold: run the day-to-day business of the existing bodyshop, even though the previous shop manager was still on staff, and work with the contractors that were building the new shop next door to Parr and the dealership. It was…interesting. […]

Be Like Brayden

Work ethic opens doors BY CHELSEA STEBNER June celebrates fathers—something this industry has quite a lot of. The dad I’m going to share a story about is my brother from another mother. I want to celebrate an exceptional father and role model in the shop: my co-worker Brayden Neufeld, Parr Auto Body’s shop manager and […]

Reading Comprehension 101

Welcome to reality—hop aboard or hop off BY STEFANO LIESSI Time flies when you are having fun—but it also seems to whiz by when we’re under pressure. I have been in this industry for 39 years and can admit that much of it is a blur. When I look back on the changes that have […]

Accountability In Action

Steps to a sustainable business BY JAY PERRY There are a lot of elements involved in practicing accountability. Ultimately, accountability boils down to communications. Information sharing within communications in an accountability framework. It takes an objective position and puts focus onto the facts. We must have an evaluative approach to have success in holding people […]


Repairify (asTech) President Cris Hollingsworth on what’s ahead BY MAX REID Whether it be as rudimentary as a backup camera or tire pressure gauges, or as complicated as a fully self-driving platform, ADAS components can be found in nearly every vehicle on the road today, and they aren’t getting any less complicated. Companies like asTech […]