CARSTAR Express Sheppard holds Grand Opening event


The reception area at CARSTAR Express Sheppard. The CARSTAR Express model is more of a retail operation than a traditional collision centre.   

Toronto, Ontario — October 1, 2014 — CARSTAR Express Sheppard held its Grand Opening celebration recently, drawing in significant numbers of neighbourhood residents, as well as industry stakeholders.

The new facility is located at 3438 Sheppard Avenue East and is owned by Edward Kemenoff. Kemenoff also owns CARSTAR Scarborough West and CARSTAR North York/Sheppard.

The CARSTAR Express model is more like a retail operation than a traditional collision centre. They are typically located on main streets, and may offer a variety of services including small damage repair, appraisals and estimates, glass repair and replacement, small damage repair, and mechanical service and repair.

“I’ve always wanted to be able to offer full auto service for the consumer, and the Express model allows us to offer that,” says Kemenoff. “It gives us the full scope of services, and allows us to send sublets to ourselves, rather than to an outside contractor.”

Kemenoff says that it not only allows them more diversity in their offering, but that customers actually flow in both directions.

“People come in for a glass claim, and end up asking us for an estimate on a bumper job. It’s working out very well,” he says.

Kyle Schmuck is the Manager of the CARSTAR Express facility. He says business at the new location has picked up every month.

“We’re offering services we didn’t offer before through our other location,” says Schmuck. “The fact is, we still need those services, but we were using subcontractors. It’s turned things that used to be expenditures into profit centres.”

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