CARSTAR Canada and CARSTAR US become rivals in charity and baseball


Hamilton, Ontario — October 22, 2015 — In the name of cross border relations (and friendly trash-talking), CARSTAR Canada has extended a friendly wager to CARSTAR US on the ALCS Major League Baseball series between CARSTAR US hometown team Kansas City Royals and CARSTAR Canada’s hometown neighbours, the Toronto Blue Jays.

The wager, which emulates the beer vs. barbecue bet between the mayors of Toronto and Kansas City, will see CARSTAR USA CEO David Byers and CARSTAR Canada President Mike Macaluso go head to head to see who will wear the opposing team’s jersey at SEMA and at either the CARSTAR Canada or CARSTAR USA Industry conference.

Macaluso and Byers have happily agreed that the losing party will make a donation to CARSTAR Canada’s corporate charity of choice Cystic Fibrosis Canada, or CARSTAR US’s chosen Make a Wish Foundation.

The wager must have started feeling like a better idea to Macaluso after Monday’s game as the Blue Jays won 11 to 8, and Wednesday’s game, which the Jays won with a final score of 7 to 1. The Blue Jays are currently trailing in the best of seven series by 3 to 2.

“We were riding high after beating Texas,” said Macaluso. “But the jibes and emails started when the Jays lost the first two in Kansas City … I think after the games this week, we’ll be fine. Even though it’s just a fun wager, it’s a great and unique opportunity for CARSTAR on both sides of the border to enjoy the MLB post season together and to demonstrate our shared values.”

Game six of the American League Championship Series starts Friday at 8:07 pm EST.

As journalists, we are of course completely unbiased. With that said, we really hope Mike Macaluso wins his bet. Go Jays go!


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