Carma Technology Corporation (Carma) Announces Formation of Advisory Council

Nationally recognized transportation and technology executives to guide strategic growth and innovation

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Carma Technology Corporation (Carma), the leading provider of smartphone-based road pricing technology, announces the appointment of an Advisory Council to provide strategic direction after winning several new statewide contracts.

Carma CEO Lawrence Mulligan says, “In order for Carma to create a solution that can address today’s most significant transportation challenges, it is key we leverage the experience of top industry leaders. These Advisors are paramount to Carma realizing the potential for our patented technologies to change the way transportation agencies measure, plan, construct and maintain our national transportation network.”

The recently passed IIJA Bill, more commonly known as the Infrastructure Bill, gives legislators the opportunity to toll any road on the National Highway System – but these new priced facilities must include an HOV discount or preference. Carma’s smartphone technology provides an innovative way to ensure transportation agencies are compliant with these new regulations without the need for expensive new infrastructure.

Carma is honored to announce its new advisory council members who will provide industry expertise, introductions and mentorship during a period of rapid growth for the company.

“Carma is on the cusp of transforming the transportation industry in the same way smartphones changed communications,” says Advisory Council Chairperson Ralph Menzano. “Carma’s smartphone-based pricing solution enables Department of Transportation agencies to comply with new IIJA and FHWA regulations, helps Metropolitan Planning Organizations measure and mitigate congestion, and supports the desire of our largest municipalities to incentivize modal shift.”

About Carma Technology Corporation:

Carma Technology Corporation (Carma) is the leading provider of smartphone-based road pricing technology for transportation agencies. Their award winning app, GoCarma, provides hands-free HOV verification for the entire network of DFW TEXpress managed lanes, and enforcement for traditional HOV lanes. GoCarma is a cloud-based solution that enables agencies to apply dynamic road pricing, congestion pricing or HOV incentives without requiring the use of toll tags or expensive infrastructure.


Katy Linburg

Carma Technology Corporation



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