Canadian Hail Repair ramps up estimator efficiency with CosmosSync

Sam Piercey Jr. of Canadian Hail Repair performing an estimate. Canadian Hail Repair has recently teamed with CosmosSync to expedite the hail repair process. Estimators can now save travel time and the associated costs of visiting remote areas while still providing excellent service.

Calgary, Alberta — July 6, 2017 — Two made-in-Canada solutions have teamed up to simplify and expedite the PDR repair process in Northern Alberta.

CosmosSync is a digital image and file collection system that specializes in the collision repair industry, counting over 200 repairers among its clients. The primary purpose of the CosmosSync tool is to enhance the communication between the production floor and the front office, thereby reducing the amount of time and unnecessary foot traffic within the repair facility.

Recently, CosmosSync signed Canadian Hail Repair as a client, and the company has put a new twist on the usage of CosmosSync. The PDR technicians at Canadian Hail Repair are now using CosmosSync to transmit images of vehicles impacted by hail back to the company’s estimating staff so that they can prepare accurate estimates for the vehicle owners and their insurance companies.

Estimators can now save travel time and the associated costs of visiting remote areas, while still providing excellent service.

“We are extremely happy to see our product being used in a new manner,” says Pat Ryan of CosmosSync. “We strive to save the time it takes to travel the 100 to 200 feet of distance within a shop environment, and the folks from Canadian Hail Repair are saving hundreds of kilometres of distance by using our application. Brilliant.”

Greg Smith of Canadian Hail Repair notes that the cost savings are considerable.

“It allows us to centralize our estimating instead of having more staff travelling to remote areas,” says Smith. “We recently serviced High Level, Alberta. This community is two hours south of the North West Territories and a 10 hour drive from our office in Calgary.”

With CosmosSync, Smith says Canadian Hail repair did not need to keep its skilled collision damage appraisers in-market. Instead, a PDR technician was able to scope the cars and send the information, through CosmosSync, back to the Calgary office. At that point, the appraisal staff were able to add accurate paint and body repair times, as well as parts pricing. The PDR technicians provided the dent counts and repaired the cars once approval was received.

“It is just like having the appraiser on site but without the costs. Our insurance partner is happy with the results,” says Smith. He also notes that the system is very easy to follow. All required data is captured as the program asks for each requirement, so nothing is missed.

The CosmosSync team worked with CHR to fully customize the program to meet the needs of the hail repair company. The two teams first met at CCIF in Toronto.

For more information on CosmosSync, please visit cosmossync.com. More information on Canadian Hail Repair can be found at hailrepair.ca.


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