Canadian Connection: Symach and DCR System’s game-changing Ohio facility

Toronto, Ontario — February 14, 2019– Canadian auto repair facilities played a key role in inspiring a partnership responsible for a cutting-edge Ohio bodyshop.

Designed through a partnership between Symach and DCR Systems, Lindsay Auto Body makes use of Symach hardware and software and DCR System’s production process with Symach’s Fixline and paint application processes.

The two companies began working together after the CEOs met, and toured facilities using each other’s businesses. To demonstrate the potential of working together, Symach CEO Osvaldo Bergaglio showed DCR Systems chief executive Michael Giarrizzo a number of Canadian facilities using Symach technology.

At 3,000 sq. m. (30,000 sq. ft.)the midwestern facility is described as being “Truly unlike what anyone has ever seen,” by DCR chief executive Michael Giarrizzo.

The redesign of the auto repair facility is part of several new initiatives taken by vice president Steven Lindsay, son of the business’s founder Bert Lindsay.

Steven Lindsay already has a track record of success in the auto sector.

In an interview with the Dispatch, Bert Lindsay credited his son’s fresh approach to tripling the business’s sales.

The younger Lindsay’s efforts to modernize the dealership side of the business were credited with making Lindsay Honda the top-selling Honda dealership in Ohio, and the third-highest Honda seller in the United States.

“New generation. New energy. Next level,” Bert told the Dispatch in 2016.

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