CADA joins free trade coalition

By CRM Staff
Toronto, Ontario — August 27, 2018 — The Coalition to Keep Trade Free, an action group led by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, has received the endorsement of the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (CADA).
“…the trade dispute between the U.S. and Canada has only escalated over the last few weeks with U.S. President Donald Trump continuing to mount auto tariff threats against Canada,” said CADA’s president and chief executive John White in a press statement.
 Set up to prevent the Trump Administration’s efforts to fundamentally change the trading relationship between Canada and the United States, the coalition has highlighted the dangers posed to the automotive industry in Canada.
CADA’s criticism was not just directed at the Trump Administration, but also towards Canada’s parliament. Last spring, Canada’s parliament unanimously voted to rebuke the United States with a series of in-kind tariffs on everything from wood to playing cards.
“This is not a time for tit-for-tat measures, but rather a time to ensure that we have a strong working relationship with our partners across the border,” said White.
CADA’s position against Canada’s tit-for-tat response also gained the support of one member of parliament. Though independent Maxime Bernier supported the measures in the spring, with his defection from the Conservative Party, the Quebec politician has had a change of heart. He has even suggested that he will form a new party that will campaign to reverse Canada’s financial retribution against the states.
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