British repairers call for insurers to pay up

By CRM staff
London, U.K. — June 6, 2018 — British collision repairers are standing behind a call to increase the rates paid by insurers to British repairers. In a recent statement from the National Body Repair Association (NBRA), Britain’s largest industry advocacy group for the nation’s collision repairers, director Chris Wreks wrote, “This price increase is further evidence that we as an industry can no longer ignore the question of inflation forever.” 
While the call follows the announcement that Audatex would raise their own fees by 3.5 percent on a number of their services, that news may just have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. British repairers have not received an inflationary increase in their compensation for almost five years.” 
The NBRA is not the only organization concerned by the fact that auto insurance premiums have been rising on British drivers, while payouts to repairers have not kept up with inflation. In late March, news that the situation was being investigated by the Financial Conduct Authority, a government organization that enforces regulations on businesses, was met with the approval of the NBRA. “We are actively working on the issue and will continue to engage with various government bodies on the matter. “
To see the full statement, visit nbra.org.uk

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