BMW Group Canada videos help explain replace vs. repair and certified shop capabilities

One of the videos provides a striking demonstration of the differences between using the official OEM procedure and a traditional repair by using aluminum cans.

By Alex Dugas

Peterborough, Ontario — August 10, 2017 — A series of videos from BMW Group Canada demonstrate the company’s commitment to the safety of its clients and the reason the company insists on repairs being conducted by BMW Group Certified Collision Repair Centres (CCRCs).

One of the most entertaining videos illustrates why OEM procedures demand that certain collision-damaged components be replaced, rather than repaired.

“Let’s simulate the difference between a Non-Certified Repair Procedure and a Certified Repair Procedure carried out by BMW Certified Collision Repair Centres,” a caption states.

The simulation shown in the video involves a pair of damaged aluminum cans.

For the first can, a section is cut out of the damaged part of the container. A pristine piece is then glued in its place.

“Only Original Parts are used,” a caption states.

The second dented can doesn’t receive the same treatment. Instead, the dents are beaten out and putty is applied. After refinishing, both cans appear to be whole again. Except for colour, they appear to be identical to the naked eye. The real difference is vividly demonstrated when a man stands on each in turn. The “replaced” can bears his weight with ease. The “repaired” can doesn’t fare so well. The message is efficiently conveyed.

Another BMW Group Canada video highlights the capabilities of its certified shops, showing how one of these shops could restore a BMW M3 that had been used in an action movie. This particular video seems to sum up the OEMs attitude towards the process: “To maintain your vehicle’s original showroom condition, make sure you only use original BMW parts and original BMW repair procedures, so that your BMW stays a true BMW,” the narrator states.

For more information on the BMW CCRC program, please click here


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