B.C. collision repair facility gifts free car to deserving mother

Toronto, Ontario — August 2, 2019 — B.C.-based collision repair facility has announced the grand winner of their free Mazda 3 on Wednesday afternoon.

When Kiwi Auto called Abbie to let her know that she had won a free car, she broke down into tears.

Mother of 2-year-old daughter Flo, Abbie had to transport her child around town on the back of her bicycle. When her bike was stolen, she was devastated. 

“I’ve been crying all night and all day yesterday [when I got the news],” stated Abbie. 

Abbie was nominated by community members around Vernon to receive the car. Nichoel Crawford, co-owner of Kiwi Auto says it was a gut-feeling that helped her pick Abbie as the grand winner.

“We had over 90 applicants. It was really tough to decide,” Crawford stated. “[Abbie] had a lot of nominations. They all spoke to her kindness her strength, and her integrity and that she also gives back to the community. It felt right. You’ve got to go with your gut with some things and this is what we went with.”

Abbie told Castanet (B.C.-based news source) that this was the first vehicle she’s ever had with A/C and the vehicle has already allowed her to do many day-to-day that most take for granted.

“We can go and visit my family, safely,” stated Abbie. “I can get to work without being worried that it’s going to break down on the way to a job. It’s going to be pretty amazing.”

While Abbie and her daughter enjoy the new freedom that comes with having a car, Kiwi Auto hopes to do this again.

“It’s worth it,” stated Crawford. 

Abbie has chosen to not disclose her last name. For more information on Kiwi Auto, visit kiwiauto.ca or read our past article about their sweet giveaways!

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