Axalta to develop ‘next generation coatings’ at new technology centre

At the grand opening of Axalta's revamped Americas Technology Center. From left: Barry Snyder, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer; Steve Markevich, Executive Vice President and President, Transportation and Greater China; and Mike Carr, Vice President and President, North America.

Mount Clemens, Michigan — May 4, 2017 — Axalta Coating Systems held a grand opening event for its Americas Technology Center (ATC) located at the company’s Mount Clemens, Michigan manufacturing and research complex. The ATC will provide product research and development resources dedicated to customers across the Western Hemisphere as one of the company’s four principal global technology centres.

A statement from Axalta says he ATC project was an 18-month endeavour to transform and expand existing laboratory space and spray facilities. Axalta scientists and engineers will develop the next generation of coatings products for refinish, light vehicle, commercial vehicle, and industrial customers throughout the Americas. Previous R&D conducted at the facility principally served the light vehicle segment in North America.

“As a strategic part of Axalta’s global network of technology centres, the ATC will combine our global expertise and research resources with local talent and market knowledge across the Americas,” said Barry Snyder, Axalta’s Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. “This new space adds new capabilities to aid the Axalta team in further advancing our coatings technology to increase the durability of coatings, enhance customer productivity and, of course, provide beautiful colors. Michigan is home to nearly 400 automotive research and development centers, and we are proud to count our Americas Technology Center among them.”

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