Axalta releases Global Automotive 2014 Color Popularity Report

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – November 3, 2014 – Axalta Coating Systems has announced the release of its Global Automotive 2014 Color Popularity Report

Axalta’s annual report has tracked regional automotive colour preferences since 1953.  

The report has annually tracked regional automotive colour preferences since 1953. This year’s report offers an introduction to Color Matrix, Axalta’s automotive colour forecast for use on future production vehicles. 

“Our Color Popularity Report data not only allows us to see the colours most favoured by consumers but, more importantly, it enables us to forecast future trends,” says David Fischer, Vice President of Marketing for Axalta’s global light vehicle OEM business. ”Every year, designers from our OEM customers depend on our advanced forecasting to make critical decisions regarding colour choices for their vehicle lineup two to four years in advance.”

The 2014 forecast includes a wide variety of colour types that will influence the global automotive market. The upcoming trends showcase four colour groups: pale hues, bright colours, muted versions and dark shades. The matrix of colours is shown in fine or coarse metallics, solids, tintcoats, tricoats and pearlescent varieties. Advanced colour technologies from Axalta’s global research and development teams add further to the breadth of colour style combinations.

“Our global colour specialists formulate the next generation of coatings colours, as we continually aspire to meet the needs of the constantly changing market,” says Axalta Color Marketing Manager Nancy Lockhart. “At Axalta, we are committed to partnering with our customers to provide the best possible coatings, combining our perspective on future trends with manufacturers’ knowledge of their customers and markets. The result we continually strive for is an ever-evolving colour palette for automotive designers.”

Global Automotive 2014 Colour Popularity Report Highlights

The world colour data shows that white, at 29 percent, remains the most popular shade on vehicles for the fourth year in a row, while colour is showing signs of coming back with red, blue and yellow each increasing by one percent. Black, at 19 percent, is still strong overall in the market, but has dropped one percent since last year.

North America

  • White tops the charts at 25 percent
  • Red, more popular in North America than other regions, climbed three percent in popularity 
  • White, silver and black declined one percent this year
  • Pearlcoats are the most popular coating in the United States 
  • Solid white is preferred in Mexico

South America 

  • A strong preference for white at 27 percent of vehicles and silver, at 25 percent, shows light colours are the most popular|
  • Black is third in popularity at 12 percent
  • Red increased one percent this year to 11 percent overall, showing an increase in preference for colours


  • Europe has the most blue vehicles on the road, with the main interest in light and mid shades
  • Major increases in blue were seen in the compact/sport and intermediate multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) categories
  • Silver and white have continued to decline
  • Green is not catching the eye of the car buyer, and it remains at only one percent popularity


  • There is a strong preference for white at 30 percent, with the highest usage in South Korea at 34 percent
  • Black has dropped slightly in preference, but holds second place at 19 percent
  • Black is most popular on luxury vehicles in China at 24 percent
  • Blue is more popular in Japan than in other countries in Asia

More 2014 colour popularity data and information on the Color Matrix trend categories can be found at Axaltacs.com


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