Alleged chop shop owner pleads guilty to drug charge, bail violation

By CRM Staff

 Cycle Logic in Kelowna, B.C.   

Kelowna, British Columbia — February 6, 2014 — A Kelowna motorcycle shop owner charged with operating a large chop shop has pleaded guilty to violating the terms of his bail. The RCMP raided the business in August 2012, as reported by Collision Repair magazine. 

John Newcome, 45, who was previously arrested for allegedly running a chop shop operation out of his Cycle Logic business, confessed to breaching his bail and possessing cocaine. He will be sentenced Feb. 20, and it’s also expected  he will enter pleas for his more serious charges stemming from his August 2012 arrest for property and trafficking crimes.

Newcome had been released after meeting his $10,000 bail when he was arrested by police in November for failing to comply with the conditions of his release.

It has been alleged that Newcome’s staff, allegedly including members of the Nanaimo Hell’s Angels and Throttle Lockers, modified stolen vehicles, trailers and machinery and then sold them. It’s additionally believed that staff stole specific models that customers had requested; many of the vehicles also had their VIN numbers scratched away.

Newcome, who the RCMP says is connected to various biker gangs, was subject to additional seizures following his arrest, with investigators recovering $750,000 worth of stolen goods from Newcome’s home. The B.C. Civil Forfeiture Office sued Newcome and his business for the same amount in fall 2013.

West Kelowna has since revoked Newcome’s business license. 


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