Accident Prevention: Truck containing 30,000lbs. of diapers flips on Hwy. 401

Maitland, Ontario — Sometimes work stinks so bad you feel like someone just dumped 30,000 pounds of diapers in front of you—other times, work stinks so bad you are responsible for cleaning up 30,000 pounds of diapers in the middle of a snow storm.

An overturned tractor trailer on Ontario’s Highway 401 near Maitland marked it’s territory across several lanes on Tuesday night.

The driver suffered minor injuries, however, a tow truck did manage to get the stink-rig back on it’s wheels.

The eastern region OPP took the opportunity to remind drivers via Twitter to “see snow, go slow.”

OPP commissioner Thomas Carrique noted that this made up one of more than 7,000 calls fielded over the course of the storm.

To be clear, the diapers were not actually used. That would be weird.


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