A Whole Kitten Car-boodle: Mechanic discovers kitten inside engine during oil change

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan – Service technicians at Lakeland Hyundai automotive dealership noticed something unexpected in an otherwise routine oil change–a kitten’s paw stuck in the engine. 

Last Friday, service technicians found an injured kitten after popping the hood of a customer’s car. Kianna Daniels, service advisor with the dealership told CTV News: “We both heard this really awful sound, and she just came for an oil change, so I didn’t think it was anything mechanical.”

The kitten, which Daniels estimated to have been in the car for approximately 20 minutes–since the customers lived out of town–had “a little burn on its fur and it was limping a bit, but other than that it was fine,” she further reported. 

Ryan Monczunski, sales manager with Lakeland Hyundai, arranged for his wife to take the kitten to the vet where it received a full physical examination for its minor injuries and overall well-being. 

Since its vet appointment, Monczunski has reported that the kitten has since been adopted by a service advisor and reminds customers to check their vehicles for small animals as the weather continues to move into fall temperatures. 

“When you get in your vehicle, especially in September, October, November, give it a couple of honks that’ll scare whatever it is in there before you start your car up.” 



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  1. thank you for saving the kitten you and your service station are great people God Bless you with fantastic business

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