Systems Check: Toyota, Lexus recalls 460,000 vehicles for stability software glitch

Toronto, Ontario — Toyota is launching a recall to get to the bottom of a software issue currently affecting about 460,000 vehicles, 41,000 of which are in Canada. The company has identified a software glitch that can cause a vehicle’s vehicle stability control to not switch on when the vehicle is started. The recall affects […]

Aussie ELVs: Australia announces plan to recycle 700,000 end-of-life motor vehicles per year

Canberra, Australia — The Motor Trades Association of Australia (MTAA) and the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) are working on a comprehensive business plan to deliver a road map for an end-of-life vehicle recycling scheme under the National Product Stewardship Program. In late March, Sussan Ley, Australia’s federal environmental minister, and Trevor Evans, assistant […]

Who Sent You?: San Francisco police stumped by driverless rideshare vehicle

San Francisco, California — Are they the San Francisco Police Department or amateur ghost hunters? Officers were caught on camera earlier in April attempting to perform a traffic stop on a driverless rideshare vehicle shortly before it took off on history’s lowest effort escape attempt. The video that has been circulating social media over the […]

Welcomes of the Week: CARSTAR Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge, British Columbia — CARSTAR is proud to announce the opening of CARSTAR Maple Ridge (Classic Image) located at 23302 River Road, Maple Ridge, British Columbia V2W 1B6. Owner of CARSTAR Maple Ridge (Classic Image), Ray Van Empel, has been in the industry for over 30 years. His collision repair centre has been a […]

EV/AV Report: April 18, 2022

Toronto, Ontario – In this week’s electric and autonomous vehicle report, Ford announces a release date for the F-150 Lightning, the federal government invests in medium and heavy-duty fleet conversions and Volkswagen reports a spike in EV sales since the beginning of the year. Lightning Strikes A release date of April 26 has officially been […]

Selecting Safety: Subaru to include third camera on 2023 Outback’s top trim

Toronto, Ontario — Subaru is giving drivers the ability to opt into additional safety features, announcing that the 2023 Outback will include a forward-facing camera in the model’s top trim. In addition to the dual-camera EyeSight that comes standard on all 2023 Outbacks, the Touring trim will feature a wide-angle mono camera. Subaru says the […]

Industry Insider: Spanesi Americas’ Tim Morgan on customer communication

Toronto, Ontario — How you facilitate communication with your customers seems like a straightforward aspect of doing business—but how much can an iota of customer consideration help your operations in the long run? In this episode of Industry Insider, we sit down with Tim Morgan, the COO of Spanesi Americas, to hear how his company […]

Truck Tax: Green Budget recommends ‘feebate’ program for financing ZEV incentives

Toronto, Ontario — An item outlined in the Green Budget Coalition’s 2022 budget recommendations has caught the eye of some Canadian truck owners, as the organization put forth a recommendation in November that would charge owners of large SUVs and luxury vehicles a $4,000 fee. The fee would be a part of a “feebate” program […]

Preparation is Key: Manitoba reports few collisions despite ongoing snow storm

Winnipeg, Manitoba — Manitoban drivers gave the rest of Canada a crash course in not ending up on a crash course, as officials reported that calls for emergency assistance were uncharacteristically low despite this week’s blizzard. News that 25 centimetres of snow is on the way for mid-April can be hard to accept, but drivers […]

Can You Believe This?! April 15, 2022

Toronto, Ontario — In this week’s wacky Can You Believe This?! clip, see the damage a classic car fanatic can do with half a Bus and a half a Beetle; learn how to add the P-Turn to your arsenal of driving skills; witness the Office-inspired wrap jobs and much, much more!