Layoff Liabilities: Automotive Retailers Association concerned over layoff time limits

Victoria, British Columbia ⁠— B.C.-based Automotive Retailers Association (ARA) has raised concerns over the province’s Employment Standards Act and its connections to COVID-19 layoffs. The Act states that a layoff exceeding 13 weeks in a period of 20 consecutive weeks is no longer considered a temporary layoff, but a termination. If the timeframe were to […]

EV/AV Report: May 4, 2020

Commitment controversy Newly-appointed Honda Canada CEO Jean-Marc Leclerc has said that Canada will not meet its greenhouse gas emissions targets in pursuing a zero-emissions vehicle policy alone. During an interview with the Windsor Star, Leclerc said there is not enough demand for EVs yet for Canada to achieve its GHG commitments to the Paris Accord. […]

Sector Safety: Ontario’s guidelines for auto industry reopen

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— Ontario’s provincial government released a set of safety guidelines for a variety of industries on Thursday, including sector-specific rules for the automotive industry. The province released several lists of safety guidelines for industries including retail, mining, hospitality and transportation. Some of the suggestions the province makes for service managers, service technicians and […]

In the Clouds: Betag takes training online

Toronto, Ontario — May 1, 2020 — Betag North America is now offering technicians, managers and business owners the opportunity to meet with its trainers online. “Our full program of traditional, instructor-led training classes will be available again at 22 regional training centers across the USA and Canada as soon as the current COVID-19 situation […]

Editor’s Log: Are conferences stuck in the cloud?

By Gideon Scanlon For decades, Canadian collision repairers have seen industry conference events as a working holiday, giving them the chance to take a break from the daily grind by discussing the industry with their peers in suburban conference centres. It is a tradition that dates back to the 1920s, during the sector’s second decade […]