The Star of the Show: OnStar expands services for drivers and motorcyclists, redesigns Logo

Toronto, Ontario- OnStar, General Motors’ emergency communications and vehicle support provider, has announced an expansion to the services offered for drivers.

The new services offered expand OnStar’s gamut of services by adding a new phone app to the brand. The app is called OnStar Guardian, and allows any user with a smartphone to receive advice from OnStar support. This allows OnStar to extend support outside of OnStar enabled vehicles. This also includes support for Motorcyclists who are now able to access the service 24/7.

Riders/drivers using the app will be able to:

  • Use built-in Smart Phone sensors to detect changes in acceleration, which can signal a crash
  • Notify OnStar support to receive accident triage, first response, and medical assistance until police/paramedics arrive
  • Roadside Assistance for Motorcyclists for Gas, Towing, and Collision support

They’ve also implemented Handsfree Alexa help, currently available to all U.S. app downloads. This allows for drivers/riders to contact support without physical access to their phone, providing additional safety in the case of a collision.

VP of Safety and Connectivity at GM, Jeff Massimilla, commented on the changes.

“These latest expansions, as well as our work with the public safety community to advance new technologies, illustrate how GM is delivering on its promise to becoming a software innovator and building on our subscription services expertise,” said Massimilla.

With this expansion of services comes a rebranded logo, representing the company’s commitment to innovation, safety, and security. The rebranded logo doesn’t look too different than the original, having only removed the word ‘Star’ and adding an ornamented ring circling the word “On*”. However, as far as rebrands go, this change simplifies the logo, signifying change easily understood by consumers.

What are your opinions on the expanded services offered by OnStar? Do you like the new logo?


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