Rides and Rotisseries: PaintSource to unveil retrofitted muscle car at Show & Shine BBQ

Scarborough, Ontario – Paint Source Automotive is excited to bring together the community for a barbeque celebrating the return of the Police and Community Educating Racers (PACER) Program, first launched in 2001. Citing increases in street racing and illegal modifications, this relaunch features the Show & Shine Barbeque, on August 7, unveiling PACER’s new vehicle: […]

Scar Parts: Toyota to permit cosmetically ‘imperfect parts’ from suppliers

Toronto, Ontario — Toyota is calling for all-hands-on-deck to fight against the ongoing automotive materials shortage, announcing that they will permit the use of scratched, blemished, and otherwise “imperfect” parts from suppliers while global supply chains level out. This announcement sets a new precedent for the automaker known for strict quality control. “We are careful […]