Hall of Shame: MPI names top five auto insurance fraud cases of 2021

Winnipeg, Manitoba — People look forward to a year-end wrap-up list to help take stock; top albums of the year, top plays in the NHL, top baby names, etc. All of those are mere placeholders until Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) releases its top five auto insurance frauds of 2021. From blaming collisions on non-existent kidnappers […]

Fraud Stoppers: Terri O’Brien appointed as CEO of anti insurance fraud organization

Toronto, Ontario — Terri O’Brien has been appointed as the CEO for Équité Association, the Canadian insurance industry’s first corporation dedicated to eliminating insurance crime.  O’Brien brings over 25 years of experience of financial services to her new role. Prior to Équité, O’Brien was Chief Risk Officer (CRO) at Pace Credit Union, CRO at Interac […]

Slip-pery Salesman: Alberta insurance agent fined $26,000 for fraudulent insurance certificates

Calgary, Alberta — The Alberta Insurance Council has issued a fine of $26,000 against a former insurance agent found to have issued fraudulent insurance certificates to clients— the majority of which were automobile insurance certficates.  The Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) found that insurance agent, Hakan Bahadir, on 52 occasions, “created fraudulent insurance certificates which were […]

Skim Scam: Auto insurance scam linked to Mississauga, Ont.-based insurance brokerage

Toronto, Ontario — If times weren’t tough enough for the average Canadian and their bank account, recent reports from the CBC are showing that some shady characters in the auto insurance industry are making things even tougher for customers in the Toronto area. Yasmine Sharaf is one such customer. Over the past year, the Torontonian […]

Desjardins and Aviva Canada’s joint investigation catches unlicensed auto insurer

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario — March 18, 2019 — A man in Ontario is facing charges for selling fraudulent auto insurance to drivers, which was conducted from a joint investigation done by Desjardins Insurance and Aviva Canada. In mid-2018 Desjardins Insurance learned of allegations of fraudulent activity by Sherif Aly, an Ontario resident not licensed to sell […]

Canadians paying the price for stolen vehicles

By CRM Staff  Toronto, Ontario — December 11, 2018 — Canadian drivers are paying the price for car thefts, shelling out approximately $1 billion a year to replace and pay for the costs associated with stolen vehicles. To make matters worse, six Canadian provinces experienced increases in vehicle thefts in 2017. New Brunswick led the way […]

Bodyshop owner claims Aviva’s secret cameras broke laws

Cos Licursi, the owner of Eugene Collision in Toronto, is arguing Aviva’s secret investigation of ten Toronto-based repair facilities is criminal. (Mary Webster/CBC)

By CRM Staff   Toronto, Ontario — May 28, 2018 — Next month, an Ontario court will deal with the question: Is secretly placing cameras in a private business against the law?   The question comes after insurance company Aviva Canada planted cameras in cars which were sent and repaired at ten Toronto-area autobody repair […]