Opening the Gates: Tesla service manuals now free of charge on company website

Toronto, Ontario — Quick, snatch up Tesla’s service manuals before anyone at the company realizes they are currently listed at no charge on the company’s website. That’s right, the “Service and Repair Information” subscription package has a big fat zero next to it and no one is fully certain as to whether this was an […]

Electric Upgrade: St. Lawrence college to offer upskilling course for EV repair

Kingston, Ontario — A new electric vehicle repair training program is on the way to St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ont., thanks to a partnership between the Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA) and the government of Ontario. The project to be undertaken by this partnership will see the development of two automotive training programs, […]

Rivian on Board: Rivian joins CIECA as new corporate member

Toronto, Ontario — CIECA has an exciting new addition in EV automaker Rivian, who has just joined the organization as a corporate partner. Executives at Rivian say they are excited to partner with an industry leader in vehicle data advocacy. “We are excited to join CIECA as the newest EV OEM to market, bringing attention […]

Meeting Demand: Cambrian College to teach EV repair to heavy equipment mechanics

Sudbury, Ontario — Cambrian College is looking to get its heavy equipment mechanic students acquainted with some of the mining industry’s most cutting-edge electric vehicles, as the college announced the integration of electric vehicle repair into the program. Electric vehicles have become increasingly more prevalent across many industries, and mining is no exception.  Steve Gravel, […]

The Revolution is Now: Andrew Shepherd offers info on I-CAR’s new EV courses

Ottawa, Ontario — With automakers the world over announcing wide-scale conversions of their fleets to battery-electric vehicles (EVs) and telematics systems becoming nearly commonplace, the collision repair industry is no longer simply on the verge of a technological revolution—we’re in the midst of it. That is why Collision Repair took the time to conduct a […]

Beware of Batteries: EV batteries may pose a threat to emergency responders

Toronto, Ontario — With electric vehicles gaining popularity, emergency responders may be in serious danger–especially since the automaker’s emergency response guides are suppositively not up to par.  According to a new report conducted by National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) emergency responders may not be able to rely on emergency response guides provided by automakers when […]