Parts Partners: Toyota to use CCC Promote, allows dealers to offer promo parts pricing

Toronto, Ontario — Toyota is making strides to boost the price appeal of its parts, as the OEM signs on with CCC Intelligent Solutions to integrate the automotive data company’s CCC Promote platform into Toyota and Lexus dealerships. The Promote platform from CCC helps part suppliers offer promotional parts pricing to collision repair shops via […]

Appraisal Assistant: Solera unveils ‘Intelligent Triage’ FNOL appraisal system

Toronto, Ontario — With the launch of Solera’s Intelligent Triage platform, estimating has never been so easy, and the company says it is prepared to revolutionize the first notice of loss (FNOL) process with this new browser-based software. Solera says this new piece of software allows for fast and accurate damage appraisals that can assess […]

CCC, AI MVP: CCC wins two awards for AI innovation, organization from Business Intelligence Group

Toronto, Ontario — The Business Intelligence Group announced Tuesday that the estimation experts over at CCC Intelligent Solutions have been presented with not one, but two Artificial Intelligence (AI) Excellence Awards for its impressive use of the emerging technology. CCC Estimate – STP, the company’s industry-first AI-powered estimating platform, took the top spot in the […]

In with the Inspectors: Repairify Inc. acquires Texas-based One Guard Inspections

Plano, Texas — Repairify Inc. has announced a partnership with One Guard Inspections, a Texas-based vehicle inspection company. One Guard Inspections was founded by Bryan Bledsoe II in 2012 and has since built what Repairify considers the most advanced and streamlined vehicle inspection process on the market. “One Guard has grown rapidly in the past […]

Dos and Don’ts: Auto Techcelerators releases guide on opening ADAS calibration business

Toronto, Ontario — Auto Techcelerators has posted a 146-page guide to its website on how a collision repair facility can open and operate an ADAS calibration business. Covering topics from business goals and objectives, facility and equipment requirements, pricing the services, scheduling and KPI’s, the “Opening & Operating an ADAS Calibration Business” guide from Auto […]

By the Books: PPG’s new AdjustRite estimating system Quickbooks compatible

Toronto, Ontario — In the ongoing effort toward smoother bookkeeping, PPG has announced that its new AdjustRite commercial estimating system can now integrate with both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. Launched on Tuesday, the AdjustRite platform aims to streamline the invoicing process by linking up with QuickBooks, a staple program for thousands of businesses across […]

Estimator-in-Chief: Daniel Rodrigue named head of estimation for GAA

Montréal, Québec — The Groupement des assureurs automobiles (GAA) has named Daniel Rodrigue as the new head of estimation for the Quebec-based insurance company. Following eight years as a quality controller with GAA, Rodrigue has been put in charge of estimates for all certificate-holding companies in the province. GAA says that they are also currently […]

A Qapter Audience: Gore Mutual Insurance to use Solera’s Qapter for damage assessment

Toronto, Ontario — Gore Mutual Insurance broke ground on Tuesday as the first Canadian insurer to partner with Solera Audatex to use the company’s Qapter Estimating Platform for use in insurance claims procedure. Joining a number of insurance companies operating around the world, Gore Mutual is the first Canadian insurer to utilize Qapter to assess […]

The Gecko Gets Thinkin’: GEICO to use Tractable AI in estimates

Maryland, U.S. ⁠— Geico⁠—the no. 2 auto insurer in the United States⁠—will use Tractable AI Review photo estimating to re-check estimates, according to a press release from Tractable. “GEICO customers know us for our speed of service and value,” GEICO CEO Todd Combs said in a statement Wednesday. “Tractable’s artificial intelligence solution delivers both, helping […]

Don’t Be a Guesstimator: Forty says do your research and remove the guesswork

By Forty, the Progressive Estimator It isn’t very often that the wheel is reinvented, but what happens to the old wheels when they have been improved upon? With each improvement of accuracy and performance, how long until the older model becomes a past solution to a non-modern problem? With today’s manufacturing processes and the further […]