Two for Two: Car crashes into Saskatoon women’s home for a second time

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan — This summer Collision Repair Magazine wrote a story about a man who had two different vehicles smash into his home on two separate, unrelated occasions. Well, it’s happened again, only this time to someone else.  On Wednesday morning, Holly Parent was rudely awakened by a truck smashing into her Saskatoon-based home.  The […]

Not so Joyful: Ont. woman alleges her mechanic went on 100km joyride in her car

Toronto, Ontario — A Toronto woman has alleged a mechanic took her convertible on a 100-kilometre joyride after bringing her car in for a routine oil-change, reported Global News. Karen Bliss, has gone to Starling Automotive for about 25 years now. So she was a little surprised when she noticed her car had racked up […]

Can-Packed: Car filled with cans gets ticketed by police

Waubaushene, Ontario — If you can guess the number of cans that are in this vehicle, you unfortunately won’t win anything, but the driver of this can-filled car was awarded with a $130 ticket for their impressive collection. In early August, the can-packed automobile was stopped at a ride check-in Waubaushene, Ont., by the Ontario […]

Not a Hum: Sask. city drafts new noise bylaw with decibel limits for vehicles

Humboldt, Saskatchewan — The City of Humboldt has a new noise bylaw in the making, which if approved would require light vehicles to operate under a noise limit of 96 decibels.  The current bylaw, which was drafted more than 35 years ago, mainly uses personal perception to gauge how loud a vehicle is. While, the […]

Catalytic Crime: Catalytic converter thefts on the rise in Saskatchewan

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan — Catalytic converter thefts are on the rise in Saskatchewan, according to the province’s public insurer. So far in 2021, there have been 170 catalytic converter thefts reported to SGI—five times more than the year prior. “Right now, the cost of those claims is just over half a million dollars, and it’s also […]

Subaru Celebrations: Subaru achieves production of 20 million all-wheel-drive vehicles

Toronto, Ontario — Subaru achieved an impressive milestone this summer, by producing more than 20 million units of its all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles.  The milestone was achieved in the 49th year since the company introduced the Subaru Leone 4WD Estate Van, Japan’s first mass-produced AWD passenger car, in September 1972. AWD models currently account for […]

Used and Ready to Cruise: CarGurus announced this year’s Best Used Car Awards

Toronto, Ontario — CarGurus today announced the winners of its annual Best Used Car Awards.  The 2021 awards identify the best recent-year used models across 10 body-style categories: long-term projected value retention, driver satisfaction, user reviews, expert evaluation, popularity and availability.  “CarGurus’ Best Used Car Awards have become an industry mainstay for the last five […]