Them Kia Boyz: Hyundai, Kia vehicles ‘easy targets’ for theft, IIHS report says

Toronto, Ontario — In the hopes of balancing out some of the fear mongering that can sprout up when vehicle thefts come on the rise, the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety has unveiled some concrete insights into what vehicles are being targeted, why they are being targeted, and what happens when they are recovered? It […]

Fobbed Off: Car relay theft attacks spreading across Western Canada

Golden, British Columbia – Auto theft is on the rise across Canada, and small towns are no exception. In the past month, the town of Golden witnessed a 60 percent increase in auto theft, according to the RCMP. While the RCMP has not provided further details in its press release, aside from some tips, this […]

Marked for Theft: Apple AirTags used in multiple Toronto car thefts

Toronto Ontario — Car theft is on the rise, and tracking devices are making it easier for thieves to drive off with your vehicle. Over the past year, car theft has steadily risen by more than 50 percent. While the use of AirTags is far from the norm, these devices have been linked to a […]

Window of Opportunity: B.C. car thieves targeting pre-2008 vehicles, data shows

Victoria, British Columbia — According to new data analysis from the CBC, car thieves on Canada’s west coast have slightly more retro taste than their eastern counterparts, noting that most models stolen in British Columbia are from between 1997 and 2007. This trend bucks the norm seen throughout much of the rest of the country, […]

En Garde: Five arrested in Laval, Qué. Project Gardon auto theft network bust

Laval, Quebec – The Laval Police Department (SPL) has made five arrests in connection with a network of vehicle thieves, following an investigation dating back to May 2021. Project Gardon was an investigation by the SPL’s General Crimes Squad in response to a wave of coordinated thefts where vehicles were targeted and stolen from parking […]