Up to No Hood: Nissan recalls 323,000 Pathfinders for potential hood obstruction

Toronto, Ontario- The Nissan SUVs affected by the recall come from model years 2013 to 2016. The defect itself occurs due to the buildup of dust and dirt on the vehicle’s secondary hood latch system. This can result in the hood itself opening and blocking the driver’s view while operating the vehicle. While Nissan has […]

Top 15: Collision Repair’s most read stories of the year

By Mike Davey Toronto, Ontario — December 30, 2015 — It’s been quite a year in the collision repair industry. Collision Repair magazine brought you hundreds of stories in 2015, but a few stand out. We’ve made the final tallies, and now we’re counting down the Top 15 stories of 2015 based on readership. Watch […]