Spray Your Cares Away: The LPH 300 from Anest Iwata

The LPH 300 has found a niche with UV primers that provides world-class value to customers who use UV technology. UV technology is becoming very popular for its speed and performance.  With minimal defects when cured and DTM properties of some UV products allow it to be easy to use.  UV products can also be very expensive, so conservation of materials will bring more technicians to utilize UV technology.


The LPH 300 1.2LV also has the benefit of being a smooth spraying minimal overspray gun by producing a fan pattern of 17.78-22.86cm. This gun sprays UV best at an inlet pressure of 18 PSI. UV primers are usually very expensive and minimally used.  The company claims the use of the LPH 300 will most likely cut the usage in half, allowing more customers to effectively use the product.

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