Spanesi announces show specials for SEMA 2013

Spanesi’s Touch Electronic Measuring System will be one of the company’s booth specials at SEMA 2013.  

Naperville, Illinois–October 31, 2013

Spanesi has unveiled its show specials for SEMA 2013. 

Convention-goers who drop by Spanesi’s booth (#11477) when the convention hits Las Vegas from Nov. 5-8, will have the opportunity to take advantage of the company’s exclusive booth specials.

Spanesi’s Touch Electronic Measuring will be on display. Spanesi’s measuring system is multi-fuctional and able to diagnose both structural and cosmetic repairs from the floor, from lifts or from racks. The multi-flexible system affords complete repair control and monitoring during the completion of repairs, allowing you to measure anything you can touch. 

The company’s Multibench 12 will also be on sale during SEMA. Spanesi’s low profile, floor-mounted system eliminates the need for ramps. Capable of lifting 6,600 lbs. and able to reach 4.8 ft., the Multibench 12 also boasts a Fast Anchoring System, can pull up to 10 tonnes and is compatbile with the computerized “Touch” measuring system.

TECNA’s 3664P Smart-Plus spot welder will also be making an appearance at SEMA 2013. Widely approved for use by many OEMs, the fully automatic system is capable of recognizing differences in materials and thickness and is energy efficient. Its Transgun allows for extended cabling, while the machine can print outputs of every weld that’s made.

Spanesi will also be hosting demonstrations, training programs and seminars at their booth throughout SEMA.

For more information about SEMA 2013, please visit semashow.com.

To learn more about Spanesi’s product line, please visit spanesi.com


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