Shedding Skin: Shelby Cobra ‘Diamond Edition’ body shell to weigh only 88 lbs.

Toronto, Ontario — In a move combining the legacy of the American muscle car with cutting-edge automotive technology, Shelby has unveiled a new limited edition Cobra, fitted with a carbon fibre body shell weighing a mere 88 lbs.

The Shelby Cobra “Diamond Edition”, designed to recognize the iconic car’s sixtieth anniversary on the road, is limited to ten models, each running for the low, low price of $1.2 million.

The automaker says the Cobra’s body has been completely engineered in autoclave-cured carbon fibre, including the floor and doors, allowing overall body weight to be significantly reduced.

Don’t expect to stumble across any of these rare Cobras in the wild, however, as Shelby noted on its website that the car is not street legal, for “off-road use only” and probably best experienced at a racetrack anyway.

Shelby’s Cobra “Diamond Edition” is set to be produced exclusively in the U.S., but distributed worldwide.


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