S-B cooks up latest Lobster Tools-branded cordless riveters

The R1B1 is one of two new cordless rivets from S-B Industries.   

St. Louis, Missouri — February 24, 2014 — S-B Industries is pleased to introduce the R1B1 and R1B2 from Lobster Tools, the latest addition to the company’s cordless riveting technology.

The newest installments of the Lobster brand, the R1B1 and R1B2, untether operators from compressed air lines. Using cordless technology, the company says the Lobster Tools-branded riveters provide the ultimate in convenience and total portability. For both factory and off-line field work, S-B says the R1B1 and R1B2 offer a high quality alternative to pneumatic blind rivet tools. With 1,911 and 2,922 lbs. of traction, respectively, Lobster’s new cordless riveters are capable of setting the majority of blind rivets. Both models are powered by a 14.4v, lithium-ion battery that fully charges in less than an hour.

“The R1B1 sets up to 3/16” standard rivets and the R1B2 sets up to 1/4” standard rivets providing a complete cordless choice to the industrial market,” says Michael Mervis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for S-B Industries.  “Lobster has always been a market innovator and their new series of cordless riveters continues that trend.”

Both tools have an ergonomic, well-balanced design and a comfortable grip. The R1B1 and R1B2 have a high capacity mandrel container that conveniently collects spent mandrels, with a built-in safety feature to prevent spent mandrels from escaping the tool without the mandrel container attached.

A built-in LED spotlight illuminates the work area to help in dimly lit or narrow applications. An electronic digital counter will enable the user to manage rivet usage.

Designed and manufactured by Lobtex in Japan, the new cordless riveters are packaged in a molded plastic carry case for convenient transportation. The R1B1 and R1B2 are shipped with a complete set of nosepieces, charger and battery pack.

For more information on S-B Industries and its product lines, please visit the company online at S-BGroup.com.



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