Rotary Lift introduces ’90 Second Know How’ video series

Rotary Lift has introduced a new video series called '90 Second Know How.' The videos even feature a stopwatch in the corner.

Madison, Indiana — February 24, 2016 — Got 90 seconds to spare? Rotary Lift wants to answer your questions regarding vehicle lifts, and the company promises it will take less than two minutes.

The company is drawing on its more than 90 years of experience designing and manufacturing vehicle lifts to answer frequently asked lift operation, maintenance and installation questions in a new video series dubbed “90 Second Know How.” These short videos cover light-duty and heavy-duty lifts, including two-post lifts, four-post lifts and inground lifts.

“Rotary Lift’s customer service team gets more than 190,000 phone calls a year,” says David Fischmer, Rotary Lift’s Marketing Director. “Our customers are busy, and when they need help, time is money. But when a customer isn’t standing at the lift when calling, verbal explanations can be difficult to convey and hard to understand. This new video format is like being in the customer’s shop to demonstrate the answer, in just 90 seconds.”

The first six videos are online now, with additional releases scheduled monthly.

“Our inspiration in developing the 90 Second Know How video format was to not waste people’s time,” said Brad McAlister, Video and Multimedia Specialist at Rotary Lift. “Cut to the chase and get right to the point. We even included a small 90-second running stopwatch in the bottom left corner that’s counting down the whole time the video is running. The 90 Second Know How videos provide just what our customers tell us they want–the technical information they need–not a commercial.”

The first six videos in the 90 Second Know How series are currently available at rotarylift.com/training-videos. The company also offers more in-depth videos at rotarylift.com/videos.


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