Riding the Dream: Milton, Ontario High school students transform bus into lush living space

Milton, Ontario – Environmental innovation has become a popular focus of society at large. As such, it has found a home in the creative minds of highschoolers at Bishop Reding Catholic Secondary School in Milton, Ontario.

“It’s inspiring what a bunch of students can build together,” says Matthew Lim, former graduate from BRCSS.

The innovation in question is a bus, measuring 20-feet long, which BRCSS students have transformed into a working and living space.

The project brought together students from multiple fields of study, utilizing the expertise of students in the culinary, arts, math, engineering, and design programs.

The project itself began pre-pandemic, with a plan of completion within two years. However, due to the pandemic, the project was delayed until recently.

The bus itself has 94 square feet of living space, which can expand in size to 110 feet. It also has mounted solar panels for electricity. Inside, there is a table that folds out into a bed, USB ports, a sink, shower, and portable toilet as well as a library space.

“It’s a different curriculum than sitting in a classroom,” says student Nabina Imran, “You get out and put it into action. You’re trying to minimize waste, minimize cost.”

The project is a timely one. Houses are getting more expensive, and people are finding alternative ways to live and survive in the world, such as mobile and tiny homes.

Most of all, however, this project gave students the ability to work on something, while learning at the same time.

“It’s experiential learning,” says teacher Cesar Da Silva. “They learned theories and then were able to apply them to real-life.”

Not only is it timely, creative, and innovative, it is also just damn cool.


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