Repairers Recognized: Former cover story star Andrew Madai celebrated for 50 years in business

Toronto, Ontario — Oct. 2, 2019 — Just a few weeks after being featured in Collision Repair, Andrew Madai was recognized in Vancouver’s North Shore newspaper, in a piece which also highlighted CSN North Vancouver’s 50th anniversary in business.

On Thursday morning, Madai’s story hit the stands, “More than 50 years fixing cars for North Vancouver’s CSN Elite.” Covered by a local reporter, Madai’s years of hard work and care for customers was broadcasted across the city, with the message the empathy is critical when it comes to staying in business.

“We understand that it is an infrequent, traumatic experience for the public,” Madai told North Shore. 

“We have a really client-focused view of our process and our system…when you’re looking at each situation through the client’s eyes or doing your best to do that, it’s a little bit easier to give the motoring public what they want.”

Madai has been operations manager at CSN Elite for more than fifteen years. Describing the location’s environment as “familial and welcoming,” it comes at no surprise that the facility has been successful for so long.

In 2017, the facility won Shop of the Year, beating out 450 other shops in the running.

“We understand what each of our employees needs to feel safe and trusted at the shop,” said Madai.  “And what happens is as soon as everyone feels great about showing up every day to work, that’s immediately apparent to everybody who comes through the front door. Having a happy, positive environment for people to walk into makes everybody feel great.”

For more information on CSN Elite’s North Vancouver locations, visit

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