Product Report: John Bean Tru-Point ADAS Calibration Solution

Toronto, Ontario Considering the complexities of modern vehicles, offering a one-stop-shop repair facility is the ultimate goal for a high-volume collision centre.

The new John Bean® Tru-Point system may just have the power to get you there. 

In early December, Chris Sobieski, the North American special projects manager for Snap-on Equipment, the parent company of John Bean, demonstrated the new tool to the Collision Repair team. According to the company, Tru-Point uses highly accurate advanced camera technology, targets and top-of-the-line software to validate ADAS-related alignment values so you can perform a proper ADAS calibration.

By creating a three-dimensional model of the vehicle and its surroundings, Tru-Point is able to precisely perform calibrations according to OEM specifications, thanks to its pre-loaded database of procedures.

According to Sobieski and Snap-on® calculations, Tru-Point can validate the alignment of a vehicle, help you place the targets in the precise OEM-required location and complete the calibration process in about 10 minutes, compared to two hours or so with other industry methods. A major factor in timing is the technician’s skill level and speed of the scan tool or vehicle sensors being activated.

The device places ADAS targets independently of the floor or rack height, instead positioning directly to the vehicle’s sensors. In facilities with uneven floors, Tru-Point can determine the floor tilt between the vehicle and itself, allowing the technician to adjust the level up to four degrees before requiring the system to move to a better location.

To learn more about John Bean Tru-Point, visit https://mytru-point.com/ or visit the company’s video demonstration here


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