Prioritize Pulling: CAA calls on Ontario government to prioritize towing regulations

Toronto, Ontario — Sept. 27, 2019 — To commemorate the province’s fourth annual Tow Safety Week last week, CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) is calling for the Ontario government to work on towing industry regulations.

Last week, CAA SCO issued an online statement calling for provincial regulations in the towing industry. The company calls the towing industry “problematic” due to long wait times and high towing bills. CAA SCO maintains that provincial regulation remains an essential step in protecting the province’s drivers.

“Long wait times, unscrupulous tow truck drivers and sky-high towing bills will continue to be an issue for motorists unless the Ontario government makes provincial towing regulation a priority,” said Teresa Di Felice, assistant vice president of government and community relations at CAA SCO.

CAA SCO’s call-to-action echoes London, Ont.’s recent decision to craft a bylaw regulating the local tow truck industry, specifically ‘chaser’ tow trucks.

While CAA SCO aims to reduce consumer stress and improve overall customer experience with the introduction of new provincial regulations, it also recognizes that new regulations would likely improve any strained relationships between consumers and tow truck operators.

“[New regulations] would ensure Ontario motorists have certainty when it comes to towing services, regardless of when or where they require support,” said di Felice. “It will also help to earn respect for the many men and women who work hard to provide an important service on our roads.”

Tow Safety Week is the product of collaboration between CAA and the Provincial Towing Association of Ontario.

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