Prep for Performance: 3M’s latest spray gun reviewed by Ink ‘N’ Iron

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— Hilary Noack, owner of Toronto, Ontario’s Ink ‘n’ Iron is among the first to review 3M’s much-touted incoming product, the 3M Performance Spray Gun.

3M says its new Performance Spray gun is designed to deliver top-of-the-line performance with technology that will save you time, allows for faster cleanup, faster changeovers and faster cycle times⁠—all with a lightweight feel in your hand. 

Noack shared a video to the Ink ‘n’ Iron YouTube channel featuring her first thoughts on the new product, where she praised the tool’s easy cleaning process and lightweight feel.

“The cool thing about this gun is that no fluid actually passes through the body, so it makes it really easy to clean,” said Noack. “That’s really great if you share a gun with multiple people at your shop.

“These tips come in all different sizes⁠. Whatever you’re spraying⁠—water-based, solvents, solids, metallics, sealers, primer⁠—there’s a tip for that,” said Noack. “You just twist the end and the whole thing comes off⁠—all you need to clean is the fluid needle, grab your next tip and it locks into place. Lock in your PPS cup, and you’re ready to go.”

Noack also said the new sprayer is even lighter than 3M’s AccuSpray.

“We do a lot of restoration work at Ink ‘n’ Iron⁠—big old cars from the ‘50s and ‘60s⁠—you could be spraying a car all day. Having a gun that is 50 percent lighter than a conventional spraygun saves so much strain on your arm and shoulders and that’s a huge selling factor for me.”

Ink ‘n’ Iron is currently testing the 3M Performance Spray gun on a ‘64 Chevy C10. Noack said videos of the team using the tool are coming soon to the shop’s YouTube channel.

For Noack’s take on the new spray gun, click here.


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