PPG and Mitchell link repair management systems


Mississauga, Ontario — October 22, 2013 — PPG has teamed with Mitchell International, to offer a comprehensive, integrated repair management system to collision centers across Canada and the U.S. The system combines PPG’s PaintManager software with Mitchell’s RepairCenter ToolStore program. The announcement was made today by Mary Kimbro, PPG global color director, and Jim O’Leary, vice president of repair solutions at Mitchell.

PPG says PaintManager software is a proprietary network solution that helps boost collision centre productivity by combining computerized color mixing accuracy and efficiency with comprehensive reporting and tracking features.

Efficiency can be further enhanced by incorporating PPG’s paint shop interface utility, which allows sharing of critical workflow information between the front office and the paint operation.

Mitchell describes the RepairCenter ToolStore program as a dynamic marketplace that enables collision repair facilities to connect with their mission-critical trading partners and third-party add-on tools in order to streamline workflow and run their businesses more profitably and efficiently.

According to a statement from PPG, combining PPG’s PaintManager software with the RepairCenter ToolStore program will allow collision centres to generate a seamless, easily accessible data stream to monitor and manage repair and paint procedures. This will allow them to operate more efficiently while augmenting repair productivity and increasing revenue opportunities.

“Integrating these systems is part of our overall pledge to provide PPG customers with every opportunity to improve their paint operations,” said PPG’s Kimbro. “We are very aware of our customers’ expectations in all aspects of their business. The PaintManager software was designed to be compatible with most body shop management systems on the market and the RepairCenter system is an exceptionally suitable counterpart for it. With the collision repair industry moving to new levels of technological capabilities, these two advanced applications represent the leading edge. By merging the two systems, collision shops can experience improved productivity, efficiency, management and, of course, financial performance.”

“We’re very pleased to be linking RepairCenter to PPG’s PaintManager,” said O’Leary. “We have found the PaintManager program to be reliable and easy to use, and RepairCenter has repeatedly proven its worth in collision centres around the country. We firmly believe this is a good match.”

The PPG paint shop interface tool and the RepairCenter ToolStore system are available through the ToolStore add-on. For more information about PPG PaintManager software, please visit ppgrefinish.com. 



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