New RapidMatch software workflow from PPG

The RapidMatch X-5 Spectrophotometer.   
Mississauga, Ontario — June 10, 2014 — PPG Automotive Refinish has released an enhanced version of its PaintManager program specific to the RapidMatch X-5 spectrophotometer and software workflow. The new 
RapidMatch software—with an improved colour formula retrieval workflow process—is designed to increase speed, productivity and formula match accuracy. Combined with PPG’s advanced RapidMatch X-5 spectrophotometer, the software uses sophisticated algorithms to join match rating with a new texture indicator. This, along with other innovative features, produces a heightened level of colour characterization and formula precision. 
According to Mary Kimbro, global colour director, PPG, the software requires no hardware changes, is easier to use, yields faster results and in many cases can find the best colour match in just two clicks. 
“We have been able to successfully create a higher industry standard for colour matching,” said Kimbro. “The 
RapidMatch X-5 spectrophotometer and our new optimized software – with all its upgrades – work together to make the PPG system more effective and efficient than ever.”  
PPG says a wealth of enhancements automate routine processes, streamline formula searches, quickly identify best matches and accelerate downloads. With no new hardware required, collision centers only need to update their current PaintManager software to improve their capabilities. Customers utilizing the Internet will be updated automatically. 
One of the software’s key features is the capability to address texture. An integrated texture indicator compares the 
returned colour formulas’ pigment component to the target vehicle colour, thereby, serving as a guide to the final 
surface appearance. 
The new software employs a “Green-Green-Go” search-rate-mix process to ensure the best starting colour formula. 
When the RapidMatch X-5 spectrophotometer analyzes the target colour, the texture and match rating results are 
displayed. A green match rating assures blendable results. Coupled with a green texture “OK”—indicating the returned formula’s texture is equivalent to the vehicle being repaired—the technician can confidently go directly to mix. Other formula returns may be finer or coarser (F=finer, C=coarser) compared to the target colour. 
Another important feature of the new software is a redesigned landing page with a simplified one-search launch pad 
of colour information that has eliminated the need for separate OEM and wild card searches. The software also 
automatically predicts if the target colour is a solid or metallic, and job tracking is made easy with options to add 
customer information for each repair. 
Since high-throughput collision centers often use the RapidMatch X-5 spectrophotometer for all their colour matching, an automatic download configuration is available with the software. Measurements from the device are organized and displayed as a reading list of colour bars to ease sorting. 
PPG introduced the RapidMatch software match rating and blend/check workflow in 2010. Since then, unit sales of the five-angle measuring device have tripled globally. “This signifies the importance of shop productivity and provides a solution that makes sense to the refinish technician,” adds Kimbro. “Whatever the target colour, with RapidMatch 
software the technician will receive the best match available in seconds.” 
For more information, please visit ppgrefinish.com

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